About EnliTISA

The company's vision is to meet the significant unmet clinical need; and develop more effective and better tolerated anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrosis drugs.

EnliTISA is founded by Chinese and Swedish team members in Shanghai, China, by the end of 2021, focusing on anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrosis multi innovative drug development. The predecessor, Jiangyin USUN Pharma, was founded in October, 2018. There is a Sino-Sweden joint team working on pre-clinical study, clinical trial and registration in China and in Europe. All projects in the pipeline are based on the invention & patent applications by EnliTISA team members. By now, twelve PCTs have been filed and two in China, one in US have been authorized.


Founded in


International invention patents

Two projects are in clinical trial stage: 

Montelukast sodium topical sterile gel for anorectal surgery and radiation proctitis. China mainland has been licensed to Shanghai Pharma, who is the sponsor for clinical trial and further development. Phase I study on healthy volunteers has been completed. Phase II studies on the two indications are planning to start in January and February, 2023.


UP818, a new chemical entity with new mechanism, is intended to be used for Acute Lung Injury (ALI) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) by i.v. and for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) by s.c. Phase I study of i.v. on healthy volunteers in Hua Shan Hospital, Shanghai, China, is completing by the end of 2022. Phase II study on ARDS is planning to start in May, 2023. It is planning to submit CTA to Swedish MPA in June, 2023 and start clinical trial phase I in September, 2023, in Sweden.


It is planning to develop EnliTISA, in China, to be a full scale pharmaceutical company in the future and raise money by product benefit. As a multi-drug company, EnliTISA business model in the first eight years is out-licensing in China and abroad. By now, Three out-licensing deals of Chinese territory have been done with Shanghai Pharma. Four projects are planning for out-licensing in Europe, US and Asia, in 2023 and in 2024.


EnliTISA started to raise money by out-licensing deals of Chinese territory from 2021 and continue to get new deal in 2022. It is planning to succeed out-licensing deals of the following territories, Europe, Asia and US from 2023. Based on the out-licensing income, EnliTISA has got credit bank loan from Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).



Our team


Leadership ranks


Gu Ming (Rainbow)

Founder, chairman and general manager

· Graduated from the State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master's degree and a doctorate degree; won the National Science and Technology Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Award · Postdoctoral fellow and visiting scholar at Uppsala University, Sweden, under the tutelage of Prof. Jan-Christer Janson; visiting researcher at Uppsala University

Ru Hui

Ru Hui

Lars Öhman

Lars Öhman

Maria Wanderoy

Maria Wanderoy

Board of directors

Jesper Zacharias Haeggstrom

Jesper Zacharias Haeggstrom


Consultant team



Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

To be an original research and innovation drug enterprise with strong vitality and fighting power

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

To be an original research and innovation drug enterprise with strong vitality and fighting power, and repay the support of shareholders, society and the government with good drugs and taxes that can withstand the years