Never forget the original intention and forge ahead with perseverance—— Housewarming of Enlitisa (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (EnliTISA)

Published on:

2023-12-26 11:32

The inauguration ceremony of EnliTISA’s relocation was held on November 10, 2022. Chairman Dr. Gu Ming delivered a grand speech and witnessed this memorable moment together with all staff.

EnliTISA is an innovative pharmaceutical company focused on inflammation and injury, with global original proprietary intellectual property and international competitiveness.
Formerly known as Jiangyin USUN Pharmaceuticals Ltd (USUN), which was co-founded in October 2018 by Nobel Prize winner Professor Bengt Samuelsson, renowned Swedish scientist Professor Jan-Christer Janson, Dr. Gu Ming, and Chinese and Swedish scientists.
In December 2021, USUN Pharmaceuticals was reorganised into EnliTISA by the introduction of Shanghai municipal government as the main body of the Shanghai IPO, and also initiated the construction of the Shanghai R&D Centre.

The relocated new office has 1,600 square meters of R&D laboratory and office space, which includes the main project (consisting of API R&D area, formulation R&D area and analytical testing area), auxiliary project (consisting of integrated office area and short term storage area), public project and environmental protection project. It is designed to meet the needs of the entire drug lifecycle development of innovative drugs such as early screening, non-clinical evaluation, global clinical development and registration application.

Never forget the original intention and forge ahead with perseverance. With the mission of "freeing humanity from hormone dependence", EnliTISA is committed to discovering, developing and commercialising innovative medicines that address the profound unmet clinical needs caused by inflammation. We will write a new chapter by giving back to our shareholders, society and government with good drugs and tax performance that can stand up to the years.